Mrs Mary Gladstone

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Mr Geoffrey Potts

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Mrs Dorothy Byrne

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Mr Richard Budd

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Mrs Velma Baker

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Mr Brendan McMahon

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Mrs Theresa Easson

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Volunteers' Week 2018

June 7th marks the culmination of Volunteers’ Week 2018, and we mark it with this inspiring story of how Spiritualists used volunteering in the community to make a difference…Read more

When is the Right Time?

Minister Suzanne Gibson-Foy shares a spiritual reflection on a difficult time that many animal lovers will recognise.Read more

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Harold Sharp

Harold Sharp is regarded as the pioneer of the Auragraph, a painting that is a reflection of colours and symbols in the aura.Read more

Coral Polge

Coral Polge was a dedicated spirit artist for 54 years, passing to spirit in 2001Read more

Margery Crandon

Margery Crandon was a physical medium. She was tested extensively by the ‘New Scientist’ magazine in the 1920s.Read more

SNU Healing

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Healing to the World

Minister Marian Bishop, SNU Almoner, sends out healing thoughts to those affected by incidents around the world on April 8th 2018.Read more

Hydesville Day 2018

Minister David Bruton shares thoughts for Hydesville Day 2018 - a special moment in the Spiritualist calendar.Read more


In a timely reflection, Minister Alan Rawnsley shares some thoughts about the spiritual symbolism of snow.Read more