Bertha Harris was born in Chester at the turn of the 20th century and passed to spirit in 1981. She was a natural medium from birth, with many outstanding abilities.

During her private sittings it was frequently noticed that her features seemed to undergo subtle changes and express something more than her normal personality.

Often she was able to allow communicators to utilise what is sometimes called 'direct control'. One of her sitters wrote, after such an experience, "A dead man, my father, returned and was talking to me as intimately as in life"

Full names, incidents, intimate things applicable only to the one communicating spirit came in a quick flow which started almost immediately the sitter came into Bertha's presence. She was also an expert psychometrist; here follows a psychometric exercise:

Ask a number of people to place a personal object upon a table or tray, without you knowing whom they belong to.

Choose one of the objects; hold it in your hands, focusing your mind upon it. Within one minute start to express exactly what feelings you have and the thoughts or images that come to mind.

You may pick up information that relatyes to the objects current owner, or previous owners if there have been any.

You may also pick up the source of the object, for example a diamond ring may give images of the location where the metal of stones were mined.