Healing is a key aspect of Spiritualism come and be part of this special service and experience its power for yourself!

Spiritual Healing is a form of energy from the Spirit World channelled by our healers to bring comfort to this physical world. Spirit energy is always a positive energy and a power for good and the well-being of those who are aware of it. This is why at a special healing service in our Churches and Pioneer Centres the SNU Spiritual Healing Mediums will encourage all those attending the service to ask the Spirit World to boost our physical energy and raise our spirits on earth. 

We all have free-will, so we have to ask for this change to happen, so the more of us who do ask for healing, the more the feeling of positivity will be felt in January by everyone. This is why we ask you to join us at our special healing service and invite your friends too, so we can make this a really positive month where all our resolutions are met!

Find your nearest SNU Church and join us. If you are already a member or new to Spiritualism and wish to promote Spiritualist Healing Day please feel free to share this page on social media, spread the word!

Booking for this event has now closed.